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Healthy Benefits

It’s simple!  Enroll as a member, to take back your choice for natural and holistic health benefits.  This is your time, your health and your life.  Healthy choices are easier with benefits that put more money back in your pocket.


These benefits help you save hundreds of dollars every month, on thousands of products and services you already use.  This includes everyday basics (food, clothing…) and the extras (massage, coaching…).  For a low monthly fee, it pays for itself and gives you back even more.  Average savings per member is more than $220 per month, and growing.  This average includes those at the beginning of their health journey.  If you are already a health guru, you’ll save even more.


There are no limits.  Use your benefits as often as you want.  The savings never ends.  Pre-existing conditions?  That doesn’t matter.  These benefits are for everyone, no matter your current state of health.  This is your life!  We want to help you get well and stay well.

Who Can Enroll?

Individual and group benefits are available.  Enroll for yourself or your family, or contact us for group rates.   These benefits also work seamlessly with any corporate wellness strategy.  Call 616.617.4867 for group and other corporate options.  Optimize your strategy.


Benefits are available locally, nationally, online and virtually.  There are thousands of ways to live well, no matter where in the United States you are.  Most local providers are in the West Michigan area.  Want more local providers in your area?  No problem!  We love to support local business.  Contact us to tell us about your favorite local providers.  For now, you can still access benefits for thousands of products and services with our online and virtual providers.

Fundraising That Keeps On Giving

Is your organization in need of donations?  Contact us for opportunities to receive money every month, for your school or non-profit group.  Our holistic health benefits are a home run for long-term funds to help meet your goals.  We carry the burden of time and effort.  You help your organization and local families, too.  This is a fundraiser that keeps on giving.  Everyone wins.

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Card-holding members of Natural Wellness Alliance get benefit rates (discounts!) on thousands of products and services.  This includes our entire provider family, who bring you a natural, holistic approach to wellness:

  • health food stores
  • vitamins and supplements
  • organic produce and other foods
  • restaurants with organic, local produce and grass-fed meats
  • fitness equipment
  • fitness apparel and shoes
  • eco-friendly apparel
  • eco-friendly architecture, landscape and interior design
  • toxin-free household products
  • toxin-free kitchen ware
  • organic and natural skin care and personal care products
  • toxin-free and natural cosmetics
  • fitness professionals
  • christian bookstores
  • naturopathic doctors
  • chiropractors
  • massage therapists
  • cleaning products and services
  • mental health services
  • health risk assessments
  • wellness tracking software
  • laboratory testing
  • wellness coaching

Looking for more providers in your area?  No problem.  Contact us to tell us about your favorite local providers.  For now, you can still access benefits for thousands of products and services with our online and virtual providers.

So, what are you waiting for?  Are you still paying full price?  Get started now to begin saving big time, on everything healthy in life.

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